Team BonMeeks is expanding!

This has been such a difficult blog post to begin writing, not because it’s hard but because the last few weeks have really been quite overwhelmingly fast paced and changeable. So much has happened that it’s difficult for us to keep up with but the last 48 hours really have been so life-changingly wonderful that it’s time to bring everyone up to speed.

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The blog shirker returns…

The problem with procrastinating with writing a blog is that a hell of a lot can happen in the space of two and a half months, this means you have more to write about, which means you need more time to do it; it’s one of those vicious cycle type situations!

Since the last blog we have had amazing summer holidays; I’ve started my new job (which is the main reason for the lack of bloggage); Oh and there has been some seriously intense and busy adoption stuff going on which I will try my best to bring you up to speed with.

Our previous blog captured our excitement and trepidation of moving forward in to stage 2, the formal assessment section of our adoption journey. Jump forward to today and we have now finished the formal assessment part of stage 2 – we’ve been through it and survived!

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Stage 2 – we’re coming for you!

Stage 1 – CHECK!

It’s official, we are now moving in to stage 2 of the adoption process as we have passed all of our background checks, medicals (I’ll come back to that ‘process’ shortly), references and DBS stuff which means we are clear to move in to the formal assessment section of the adoption process, which is really exciting.

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Paging Dr. P*** Take!

As I sit here in my makeshift office, locked out of my marking software (I have to hit 25% by bloody Thursday!) and waiting for an email so that I can actually proceed, my thoughts turn to the blog and the fact I haven’t written anything for a while.

I know I’ve said before that we’re in the ‘waiting’ stage and we really are but things are progressing and moving along nicely now so I thought I’d share a few updates.

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Slowly, slowly, catchy… erm… kids?

I literally just said to Tim: ‘I want to write a post but feel like nothing’s really happened!’ and I suppose that’s the nature of the phase we’re in.

We formally signed the Phase 1 paperwork this week after our lovely social worker arrived hidden by a mountain of paperwork to be signed, checked, read and internalized.  I have now detailed my last 10 years address history about 8 times on various forms which makes my brain ache every time.
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It begins (and a thank you)!

Before anything else, we have to say a massive THANK YOU to every single one of you. We have been truly overwhelmed by the messages and comments we have received from all of you and just knowing how much support we have out there has, entirely honestly, been quite emotional in the most lovely way!

A few people have said that they are looking forward to reading more of the blog (you’ll regret that one) so I’m going to continue to chart our journey for the following reasons:

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Day 1, Step 1

So here we go, the first step over and done with.

In a nutshell, we are a married gay couple looking to adopt two children and this blog will chart the varied waters of that process to hopefully make sense of the journey we are about to undertake.

On this beautiful, bright evening in May, we have sat in the garden with two lovely ladies from our adoption agency and set the wheels in motion of a process that is going to change our lives… that doesn’t make it sound scary at all does it?
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